Small pit falls if posting to Facebook

I am not a SM (social media) guru like my friends Florian and Heiko from Kunkel & Kohl but I am a frequent and critical user of IT systems.
There is one thing I noticed when following Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo on Facebook.
Both brands are doing similar things they frequently post images of shoes – obviously. I like it a lot because thats why I am following a brand. However Jimmy Choo posts celebrities caught wearing Choos (forgive me) and Louboutin only posts their shoes.

Why am I mentioning this?
Because Jimmy Choo consistently fails to bring the main actor, the shoe, on the picture unless I click to enlarge. But why would I? I’ve seen the actress looking stunning so I move on. OK the name of the shoe is shown (Anouk). But how do I make a connection if I do not see it. I mean I do not see the product in below. Ah yes and on the desktop its the same. I really like the idea of bragging who is wearing your shoes. Thats all fine. But please keep stop hiding your amazing creations.


Louboutin makes it absolutely right. The shoe is in the center. There is a story being told an everything but the shoe / product is in the center of interest. And it gets me even interested because I now want to know the name of the shoe. So I start going to their site and look around.


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